Hands On With The HP TouchPad, A Huge 90-Inch TV, Plus 10 Awesome Gadgets We Saw At CEA Last Night

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Photo: Ellis Hamburger

Last night, we attended the Consumer Electronics Assocation’s (CEA) big gadget show-off event in New York City.We spent a couple hours combing the showfloor to find the best gadgets, apps, and electronics you can buy.

The LG Thrill 4G was the coolest phone of the show. Its 3D capabilities looked far clearer than the HTC EVO 3D we saw two nights ago at gdgt.

Here's the back of the LG Thrill 4G. Note the dual cameras for taking 3D pictures.

Line2 is an incredible app that lets you import your work phone number and use it on your iPhone or iPad. You can even text. It's like having another phone inside your phone.

This 90-inch Mitsubishi HDTV costs $6,000 and is jaw-droppingly huge in person. That is a large man standing there.

SportsGunner is a fun new website that combines fantasy sports and investing. Long or short a team, and make virtual money to beat your friends.

Rdio is our favourite subscription music service in the US, and its brand new iPad app only makes it more appealing.

The Kingston Wi-Drive is the smallest iPad/iPhone Wi-Fi storage device. It's great for bringing all your movies on the go, and watching them on up to 3 iDevices.

Once you load videos, documents, and pictures onto the Wi-Drive, you can view it all on several devices simultaneously.

Here's the brand new HP TouchPad coming July 1st. It was a pleasure to use, and will be a serious iPad competitor.

The HP TouchPad charges by sitting in a dock, except there's no docking slot. It charges via inductive charging just by touching the dock.

The TouchPad had a brilliant Facebook tagging and commenting implementation

Here's the brand new HP Pre 3 coming in July. It was really comfortable to hold, and the keyboard was really solid

If you're looking at a web page on one device, touch them, and the web page starts loading on the other device.

D-Link's new router and Wi-Fi signal booster have six antennas each, and can spread Wi-Fi to every corner of your house.

ooVoo's video chat app lets people on Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone all chat within one group chat.

One of the coolest products we saw was Fanhattan, a TV app and iPad app that makes searching for video content simple

But it does a whole lot more than that integrating servies like movie showtimes...

...soundtrack previews...

...amazing integration with Amazon search for products and merchandise...

...and even this fancy Rotten Tomatoes movie rating viewer.

Fanhattan is hoping that studios will see how they've worked with Pirates Of The Caribbean filmmakers to make cool interactive experiences for watching movies.

Oh, and the iPad app has almost all the same functionality. Fanhattan is our favourite new entertainment app.

iHealth built a blood pressure monitor for your iPad. Once you get the results, you can email them to your doctor or even post them to Facebook.

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