The Real Cause Of Europe's Sovereign Debt Crisis: Mamma's Boys

In one of the more interesting visual interpretations of the European sovereign debt crisis, Bond Vigilantes (via View from the Blue Ridge), have a chart from M&G Investments.

That chart compares the cost to insure sovereign debt in European countries, versus the amount of men aged 25-34 still living with their parents.

There is a noticeable trend here, where Mediterranean PIIGS members fit in quite nicely (Ireland is an outlier).

It seems as if the more 25-34 year old men living with their parents, the more expensive the cost to insure the respective sovereign’s debt.

Now this could just be a fact of cultural norms, or a causal result of unemployment being a bigger problem in these countries, but it is still an interesting trend to point out.

From Bond Vigilantes (via View from the Blue Ridge):


Photo: Bond Vigilantes

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