Billion Dollar CDiscount Buying Competitor RueDuCommerce (rumour)*

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Photo: Steve Wampler via Flickr

Cdiscount, one of the biggest e-commerce sites in France with over a billion euros in revenue, could buy its large competitor RueDuCommerce (440 million euros in revenue) imminently. All we have right now is Twitter chatter, but from people who could be in a position to know, and we’re trying to find out more.RueDuCommerce is publicly traded and Cdiscount is a subsidiary of Casino, a huge retailer. Cdiscount’s sales have been slipping lately and RueDuCommerce is seen by some analysts as undervalued, so it sounds like the kind of situation where a deal could make sense to the people involved.

Patrick Robin, CEO of e-commerce site mentioned the rumour on Twitter, asking “true or false?” and top VC Jean-David Chamboredon retweeted, adding “true”.


We’ve spoken to several people. There’s one second hand account of someone hearing about the deal from Cdiscount’s CEO. Meanwhile a well-connected person in the space calls the idea of the deal “super plausible.” But at this stage, it’s still a rumour.

Here are the tweets that started it:

tweet rueducommerce cdiscount

Photo: Twitter

tweet rueducommerce cdiscount

Photo: Twitter

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