CCTV stills show how Finsbury Park attacker Darren Osborne planned his deadly attack

Metropolitan PoliceA photo taken of Darren Osborne while in police custody.
  • The Metropolitan Police have released CCTV stills showing how the Finsbury Park attacker planned his attack.
  • On Thursday, Darren Osborne was found guilty of murder and attempted murder over the attack, which killed one and injured nine others.
  • “Osborne had planned to come to London with the intention of carrying out an attack against the Muslim community,” Metropolitan Police commander Dean Haydon said.

A 48-year-old man has been found guilty of murder after driving a van into a crowd near a North London mosque in June 2017.

Darren Osborne killed one man and injured nine others when he deliberately rammed his vehicle into a group of people shortly after midnight.

He was found guilty of murder and attempted murder on Thursday, and the London Metropolitan Police has released a series of CCTV stills showing how he went about planning the deadly act.

Osborne hired the van from a vehicle hire firm in Pontyclun in Wales on June 17.

Terror35 17CarHireMetropolitan Police
02   23 01 18 CCTV   Van Hire ReceptionMetropolitan Police

Later on that day, he visited a Cardiff pub and wrote a note that was found in the van following the act.

03   23 01 18 CCTV   Entering PubMetropolitan PoliceOsborne entering the pub.
05   23 01 18 CCTV   Pub   LetterMetropolitan PoliceOsborne writing the letter.
04   23 01 18 CCTV   Pub BarMetropolitan Police

He drove to London the following day, and aimed to target the “Al Quds” march in the city – but was unable to get to it due to road closures. During the trial, he said he had wanted to kill Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan.

He then drove to South London where he asked for directions to Mosques, and CCTV footage shows him in Lewisham near an Islamic centre.

06   23 01 18 CCTV   Lewisham 1Metropolitan Police
07   23 01 18 CCTV   Lewisham 2Metropolitan Police

A little before midnight he arrived in Finsbury Park, North London. He carried out “what is effectively reconnaissance of the local area,” the Metropolitan Police said, then carried out the attack around 20 minutes later.

Makram Ali had collapsed just before the attack, and CCTV footage shows the group helping him before Osborne’s vehicle hits them.

08   23 01 18 CCTV   Incident 1Metropolitan Police
09   23 01 18 CCTV   Incident 2Metropolitan Police

In a statement, Metropolitan Police commander Dean Haydon said: “From our investigation, it was clear that Osborne had planned to come to London with the intention of carrying out an attack against the Muslim community.

“Only he will know, but if Osborne’s aim was to create divisions and hate between communities, then from what I have seen, he has failed in that respect. The way that the local community in Finsbury Park – of all faiths and backgrounds – came together was astounding and this reaction was the same across London and the UK.

He added: “I must also praise those who initially detained Osborne immediately after the attack – in particular the local Imam, who ensured that Osborne didn’t come to any significant harm whilst waiting for officers to arrive at the scene. Again, this response and the overwhelmingly positive reaction my officers and teams have witnessed since, just further highlights how far from reality Osborne’s sick and twisted views really are.”

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