CBS's Quincy Smith: Hulu Is Killing The TV Business

quincy smith CBS

Not surprisingly, CBS’s Quincy Smith doesn’t like the direction Hulu is taking web video. In an internal email obtained by TechCrunch, Smith writes:

We should think about how hard it would be to prove that some ratings declines are a result of reckless hulu streams and that Authentication [TV Everywhere] is a nice option.

We should also think about if we want to talk the walk on packing more ads and our findings thus far.

In other words, Hulu is giving away great content for free and Smith wants to prove this is idiotic.

The email from Smith came after he and his group passed around a Contentinople story that talked about alternative business models for web video. In the Contentinople story, media execs pan the idea of strictly ad supported web video, and talk up the TV Everywhere initiative. That’s the “Authentication” Smith is refering to.

What’s it all mean? Well, it looks like Smith isn’t planning on putting too much more premium CBS content on the web for free anytime soon. Or that, if he does, it will be jam-packed with ads.

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