Pacts With Digg For Election 2008 became the latest big-media site to link up with Digg, the news site that allows users to rate stories and video from the biggest MSM monoliths to the tiniest blogs. CBS is also, incidentally, one of a slew of media companies rumoured to be kicking the tires on the perpetually on-the-block social news site, which hired Allen & Co. to shop itself for a reported $300 million. will add Digg buttons to its site as part of a partnership through the 2008 elections, as well as host a list of top-rated stories by the Digg community. The Wall Street Journal recently inked a similar pact. CBS’s release says the Digg users will be “exposed” to CBS News video content, including “On The Road” political segments.

We’ll be interested to see how popular CBS News videos are with Diggers, compared to, say, Ron Paul on Jay Leno. As we’ve noted, Diggers love video and catchy headlines containing anything about Apple, NBC’s “Heroes,”and most importantly Digg. They hate podcasts, Fox News and the RIAA.

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Why Digg Shouldn’t Sell For $300 Million

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