CBS To Online Fans: Stop Bothering Us!

CBS execs aren’t using those words, of course: They love their online fans! But they’re done listening to them.

This spring CBS paid attention to a noisy group of Webheads who demanded the return of “Jericho”, a show that real world viewers didn’t care for but which supposedly had a huge online fan base. The problem — after CBS revived the show, the online fans didn’t show up to watch the show on TV.

That’s one reason CBS canceled vampire drama “Moonlight” — another show with a cult following and a supposedly rabid online fan base — and said they aren’t going to give it another shot. “There were a lot of passionate fans, but it’s hard to judge actual numbers,” said CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler, who unveiled the network’s fall schedule Wednesday morning. She said the failed “Jericho” experiment “did play into our decision-making.”

“Moonlight” fans, who have organised a national blooddrive to support the show, insist they’re not giving up. As one poster on put it, “this is not the time to stop campaign [sic] or showing love for the show.” Others are begging Warner Bros. which makes the show, to try to move it to the CW, co-owned by parent company Time Warner (TWX). But the CW’s other co-owner is CBS, and Tassler says it’s not happening.


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