CBS Triggers Flood of Pitches for Fake Tom Perkins

News Groper, the Brooklyn-based, winningly opportunistic network of fake bloggers, tell us that Lesley Stahl’s “60 Minutes” piece on famed Silicon Valley VC Tom Perkins triggered a flood of real business-plan pitches for News Groper’s Fake Tom Perkins.

“In response to this demand, I am officially starting the $10 million ‘How Friggin’ Sweet is Tom Perkins?’ X-Prize,” he writes. “This prize will be awarded to the business plan or job request that best strokes my ego and sings the highest praises in my name.”

The real Tom Perkins told Stahl he regrets leaving HP’s board and feels a little sheepish about his 192-foot carbon fibre mega-yacht. “I’m embarrassed about that,” Perkins said about the price tag, rumoured in the $150 to $300 million range. “There’s the homeless and charity and there’s lots of things you could do with that money that would improve the world, right?”

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