This guy tricked CBS into thinking he was a completely heartbroken One Direction fan

After the news broke yesterday that Zayn Malik would be leaving wildly popular boy band One Direction, teenagers hopped on Vine to record 6-second loop videos of themselves crying over Malik’s departure and the band’s future.

Lots of outlets pulled together roundups of the Vines — here’s one from BuzzFeed, and one from Fusion — but CBS’ roundup included a joke Vine, created by a guy named Ben Berst. 

Berst posted the video of his Vine making it to CBS with the description: “Hey guys, I didn’t think this would blow up so much, so I’m going to take this opportunity to sellout and ask you to subscribe to my main channel. Thanks yo, I love you all.”

He also posted it to Reddit. 

Berst continues to maintain he is absolutely not a fan of One Direction, and that this was just a joke.

Here’s that Vine again.




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