CBS Sports (Maybe) Lets Go Of Its Most Popular Announcer*

gus johnson

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Beloved college basketball announcer Gus Johnson will be leaving CBS Sports after he and the network could not reach a deal on a new contract, according to Sports Illustrated’s Richard DeitschJohnson should have no problem finding a new gig, but it’s still shocking that the network would let an employee who has become synonymous with the excitement of March Madness (their signature event) just walk away.

Thanks to “The Law of Gus,” Johnson is one of the few announcers that sports fans actually ask for by name.

He still has deals to cover college basketball for the Big 10 Network and Showtime (where he does boxing) and it’s easy to imagine him landing at ESPN or Fox in various capacities. He also covered NFL and other other Olympic sports for CBS.

UPDATE: The Daily News reports today that FOX has made an offer to Johnson, but CBS can still match it. So it’s not over yet.