CBS has renewed 'The Good Fight' for Season 2, and it's a big vote of confidence for the network's vision of the future

CBS is doubling down on its bet that “The Good Fight,” its “The Good Wife” spinoff, can convince people to pay a monthly fee for CBS shows.

The network has renewed “The Good Fight” for a second season, which will come in early 2018.

“The Good Fight” is a huge show for CBS because it lives exclusively on its Netflix-like streaming service, CBS All Access, which was nearing 1.5 million subscribers last month, according to CEO Les Moonves. Like the first season, the second season of “The Good Fight” will remain an exclusive to CBS All Access.

Subscribers to the streaming service pay $US5.99 a month, or $US9.99 for the ad-free version, to be able to watch all CBS content on whatever device they want, on-demand. But how are you going to get people to pay for shows they can watch free on their TV? The CBS thesis is that making exclusive shows for All Access, using beloved brands, will do the trick.

Its first two big exclusive shows are “The Good Fight” and a new “Star Trek” series, which CBS is co-producing with Netflix. (Netflix will have the streaming rights outside the US.)

“The Good Fight” was the first test for All Access’ exclusive shows and it seems to being going well so far, though CBS has not released viewership data.

“We’re only a few episodes into the first season and the reaction from CBS All Access subscribers and critics alike has been phenomenal,” Marc DeBevoise, CEO of CBS Interactive, said in a statement. It currently has an 80% rating on reviews-aggregator Metacritic.

CBS isn’t the only network that seems to be gaining its foothold in the streaming world. HBO Now has over two million subscribers, and CBS-owned Showtime has 1.5 million.

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