CBS Poaches Top Gawker Writer's Richard Lawson

Gawker’s most popular writer Richard Lawson is going to CBS Interactive to write for, we’ve heard from a couple sources (including Richard).

At Gawker, Richard was known for his very long and very popular television show recaps, so it’s probably a good fit.

Richard tells us:

“I’ll basically be doing what I do now, just probably fewer posts a day plus some actual reviews and stuff.  I’m excited/nervous/gassy.  All that.”

According to Gawker’s public stats, Richard averaged 2.4 million pageviews per month — more than any other of the sites’ writers.

Richard comes to open arms at CBS. We’ve heard — though can’t confirm — that no less than CBS Interactive CEO Quincy Smith considers himself yet another New York media worker addicted to Richard’s TV recaps.

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