CBS: The Pictures Of The Boston Marathon Suspect Floating Around The ‘Internet And Papers’ Are Wrong

John Miller CBS New York Post boston marathon bombings

CBS correspondent John Miller said Thursday morning that purported pictures of alleged suspects in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings floating around “the Internet and the papers” are not the same ones that will be eventually released by authorities. 

Miller, a former FBI assistant director, said the FBI has been “shaken” by the amount of information that continues to leak in the case. One photo made its way to the cover of the New York Post on Thursday.

According to a transcript from CBS, anchor Gayle King asked Miller if the photos in “the papers and the Internet” should be discounted.

“Those are not the pictures that are going to be released today by the authorities,” Miller said.

“And in fact, here’s what happens. Those pictures were on the Internet yesterday morning and then they started going viral on different sites, and then different intelligence fusion centres around the country picked those up and they post them into bulletins and say any law enforcement agencies who can identify these people, we’ll take that information. Then it ends up leaking back to the newspaper, so it comes out in one big circle.”

Miller suggested that the FBI was infuriated at the amount of information leaking out to various media outlets since the bombings on Monday. After a serious of erroneous reports on Wednesday, the FBI released a scathing statement telling the press to “exercise caution” in its reports.