CBS: No Web Effect On NCAA Ratings

CBS’s line on the NCAA tournament is that the viewing on the Web (way up from last year) doesn’t have any effect on the number of people watching on TV (slightly down).

One bit of evidence in CBS’s favour: the NCAA title game between Kansas and Memphis was watched in 12.1% of U.S. homes, according to preliminary Nielsen numbers, nearly matching last year’s final, which was watched in 12.2% of U.S. homes. (No word yet on how many watched on the Web.)

That’s a reversal of fortune for CBS: overall, ratings are down 8% for this year’s tournament compared to last year. Earlier we wondered if higher viewership on the Web could be affecting the TV numbers. CBS told Bloomberg that’s not the case; most Web viewing occurred during business hours when viewers are less likely to have access to a TV. And since Nielsen doesn’t measure TV watching at work, it wouldn’t have counted in the ratings anyway.

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