CBS News Cuts Top Producers In Layoff Spree

CBS News’ job cuts went deeper than staffers expected. Executives chopped from their old hand top brass, including Larry Doyle, a 40-year veteran war producer and former bureau chief in Baghdad.

“This is a guy,” Dan Rather told the New York Observer, “whom Ed Murrow would have been glad to have as his producer.”

The Observer‘s Felix Gillette has the names and the news on the CBS cuts:

By Monday afternoon, staffers from Washington to L.A. were sputtering in disbelief as they heard of top producers on the chopping block—particularly Mark Katkov and Jill Rosenbaum in D.C. and Roberta Hollander and Barbara Pierce in L.A. These were seasoned veterans, part of the old school known back in the Dan Rather days as “the Hard Corps.” Over the years, they had somehow managed to outlive every big buzz saw to cut through the newsroom. 

Until now. And the cuts won’t end there.

Read more at the Observer.

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