A tiny firm just snagged a huge payday on a big Wall Street deal

The Chicago Board of Options (CBOE) has agreed to buy Bats Global Markets in a merger of two of the largest exchanges in the US.

The $3.2 billion deal is huge news for the CBOE and Bats, but it is also great for a tiny boutique investment bank.

Broadhaven Capital, a tiny Connecticut-based investment bank, is advising the CBOE on the deal and stands to rake in $15-20 million in fees according to consulting firm Freeman & Co.

The firm specialises in deals in the financial services sector, and also worked on the sale of REDI to Thomson Reuters earlier this month, and Intercontinental Exchange’s purchase of Interactive Data in October.

Broadhaven was founded in 2009 by Gerard von Dohlen, a former managing director at Goldman Sachs, and Greg Phillips, a former M&A advisor at UBS, and the firm has made a strong push for growth in the last few years.

In addition to Broadhaven, Bank of America Merrill Lynch will bring in $15-20 million in fees for advising the CBOE and Barclays and UBS will bring in $20-25 million in fees for advising Bats according to Freeman & Co. Thus, there will be a total of up to $90 million in fees for Wall Street banks.

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