Former Bear Stearns CEO Jimmy Cayne Says Jamie Dimon Critics Are Just 'Jealous'

APJimmy CayneBloomberg’s Max Abelson and Nick Summers have a Businessweek cover story “DIMON IS FOREVER. Why Jamie Dimon Is Wall Street’s Indispensable Man” ahead of the big vote over whether or not to separate the roles of CEO and chairman.  

For the story, Bloomberg caught up with Jimmy Cayne, the former CEO of now-defunct Bear Stearns, for a rare interview since JPMorgan acquired his old bank.  

Cayne explains that all of Dimon’s critics, who have been pushing to split his role chairman/CEO, are just jealous because he’s got everything going on for him that they don’t. 

From Businessweek: 

They’re jealous,” former Bear Stearns CEO Jimmy Cayne says about Dimon’s critics, in a rare interview since JPMorgan bought the foundering investment bank in March 2008. “‘They’re looking at themselves as being unfortunate and being underpaid and being underappreciated, and if there’s a piñata out there to take a swipe at, who better than somebody who’s got everything that they don’t?'”

But that’s not all Cayne had to say.

He also told Bloomberg Businessweek that the critics are basically haters.

“They’re likely to have an awful lot of bad things to say about either him, or Ronald Reagan, or anybody,” Cayne said in the interview with Bloomberg.

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