Yikes: A Current Employee Apparently Hates Working At Caxton Associates

Shadow Silhouette

Woah: Someone claiming to be a current employee at Bruce Kovner’s Caxton Associates totally trashed the firm in a review on FinBox, a website that accepts anonymous reviews of firms from current or past employees.

Click here¬†and then click on “View full employee review.”

The review:

“Pursue other hedge funds. You will regret your decision to join this firm right away.

“Poorest managed back office on the street. Clueless leadership will have you pulling out your hair.

“Get into Greenlight or Bridgewater if you want to advance, learn, and be challenged. Go to Caxton if you are more interested in learning how to succeed through politics.”


But it’s important to note that the website has questionable credibility. If you want to see the hidden reviews (there are apparently 2 more for Caxton, for example) or how the reviewer rated his firm’s ethical practices or financial stability, you have to either give an anonymous review or upgrade your account. And also, Bruce Kovner leads a pretty awesome life, so there are sure to be haters.

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