People are tweeting photos of cats hiding in Christmas trees, making for some IRL brainteasers. Can you spot them all?

Maybe they like the lights. MW47/ iStock
  • It’s the holiday season and many families across the world have put up their Christmas trees to celebrate.
  • But some people are having a bit of a problem – their cats like Christmas a little too much, and are hanging out inside of them.
  • Some are hiding, some are playing with decorations, and one even knocked the entire tree over.

Christmas is a week away, which means that all over the world, Christmas trees are up and decorated to celebrate the holiday season.

If you think you love your tree, think again. These cats have practically moved in. People on Twitter have been sharing photos of their cats casually hanging out in the branches, tangled up in tinsel and lights.

Can you spot the cat hiding in this tree?

We’re not lying to you – it’s definitely in there. A helpful Twitter user even pointed him out for us.

Keep scrolling to see where the cat is.

Last chance …

Here’s where the kitty’s hiding.

Were you able to spot him? He blends in very well with the tree.

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And he’s not the only feline friend that enjoys its Christmas tree. Here are a few more.

Unfortunately, a Christmas tree isn’t always the perfect lounging spot. Just take a look at this fallen tree.


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