Cathy Freeman's White Olympic Bodysuit, Which Disappeared 14 Years Ago, Has Mysteriously Turned Up Again

Cathy Freeman carries the Olympic flame in Sydney. Photo: Getty Images

Former Australian Olympic athlete Cathy Freeman achieved a number of accolades at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

She won gold in the women’s 400 metres in front of a home crowd at Sydney. She was the first individual Aboriginal Australian Olympic champion. She lit the Olympic flame. But in spite of all her great achievements, Cathy managed to lose one thing… her infamous white bodysuit.

After lighting the flame at the Olympic stadium in front of 110,000 people, Freeman returned to her dressing room and hung the tight white suit on a peg on the wall. She never saw it again.

Fast-forward 14 years and the riddle of the missing bodysuit looks as though it could possibly be solved.

Last week, a bodysuit was handed in at the National Sports Museum at the Melbourne Cricket Ground by an anonymous person. The suit is believed to be that worn by Freeman, reported.

Australian Olympic Committee spokesperson Mike Tancred said the missing outfit was “one of the greatest mysteries of sport”.

“We’re delighted for Cathy if it’s true … it’s part of our history and we’d love to have it back,” he said.

Victoria Police said the article of clothing was allegedly stolen in New South Wales in 2000 and police from both states are currently investigating the matter.

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