Democratic candidate upsets Republican in senate race to replace Harry Reid

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto defeated Rep. Joe Heck in the race to replace Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.
Though Heck maintained a consistent lead in most public polls throughout the election, Cortez Masto appeared to gain support in October, giving Democratic allies hope that she could stage a late-race upset.

Moreover, Masto successfully hammered the congressman about his repeated reversals over whether he would support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The Real Clear Politics average of state polls gave Masto an almost 2-point lead over Heck, while FiveThirtyEight gave Masto a 60% chance of winning the state.

Though Donald Trump appeared to experience a late boost in the polls in Nevada, Democrats took comfort over the weekend in early vote returns in the state showing Hillary Clinton leading Trump by a wide margin in Clark County, the most populous county in the state.

Still, facing a difficult map, Republicans viewed Heck as a strong candidate, and one of the best races to defend or expand the party’s margins in the US Senate.

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