11 Of Caterpillar's Mightiest Machines


Photo: Caterpillar

Global machinery giant Caterpillar will announce its Q2 earnings results this morning at 7:30 AM EST.  Wall Street expects EPS to come in at $2.29.It’s one of the best companies in the world to look at in order to get an idea of how the global economy is doing, as it is a pretty safe bet that Caterpillar machines are involved in large projects.

It’s a particularly useful barometer for how China’s infrastructure is expanding.

Before the announcement, here’s a look at the biggest, baddest machines the company makes, ranked by operating weight. 

553 Series 2 Feller Buncher: 303 horsepower, weighs 79,639 lb.

PM 201 Cold Planer: 650 horsepower, weighs 86,360 lb.

568 Forest Machine: 319 horsepower, 71,264 lbf maximum drawbar pull, weighs 95,204 lb.

PL87 Pipelayer: 366 horsepower, 214,000 lb lift capacity at tipping point, weighs 120,119 lb.

863H Landfill Compactor: 555 horsepower, weighs 122,586 lb.

24M Motor Grader: 533 horsepower, weighs 137,694 lb.

657G Wheel Tractor-Scraper: 564/600 horsepower, weighs 150,761 lb.

390D L Hydraulic Excavator: 523 horsepower, 132,637.25 lb maximum drawbar pull, weighs 190,016 lb

385C Material Handler: 513 horsepower, 133,090 lb max drawbar pull, weighs 204,184 lb.

AD55B Underground Articulated Truck: 776/805 horsepower, weighs 231,485 lb.

D11T CD Track-type Tractor: 850 horsepower, weighs 248,456 lb.

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