Huge Bellwether Caterpillar Just Cut Its Forecast For 2015


Photo: By zombieite on Flickr

Caterpillar is the world’s biggest manufacturer of construction equipment, and as a result, its conference calls and presentations are typically watched closely for a glimpse into how the global manufacturer perceives the state of the world economy.Today, Caterpillar has been presenting at MINExpo in Las Vegas, where some of the mining industry’s foremost companies are in attendance.

In the presentation, management said that it expects to earn $12 to $18 per share in 2015. According to Reuters, this range is actually lower than the $15 to $20 range they issued previously.

“Our goal hasn’t changed but the economy has,” wrote management.

Additionally, the company is also considering recession scenarios for 2013. However, a recession is not the base case.

Caterpillar looks at the downside case of a 2013 recession

The base case is modest growth, but what if there is a recession instead?

A tough scenario would be $6.00 EPS, and an even worse one would be $3.50

Barring a recession, on the other hand, Caterpillar sees EPS in the range of $12-18

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