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Holland America hit with lawsuit over deadly COVID-19 outbreak onboard MS Zaandam

Cruise workers on Holland America's Rotterdam ship say they were forced into a perilous rescue mission of the COVID-19 stricken Zaandam, and now hundreds of crew members are stranded onboard wondering what's next.

Inside the deadly voyage of 2 Holland America cruises stricken with coronavirus and stranded at sea for weeks with hundreds of sick passengers

Around 1,100 healthy passengers from 2 stranded Holland America cruise ships are scheduled to fly to Toronto, Atlanta, San Francisco, Paris, Frankfurt, and London today

Florida authorities clear stranded Holland America ships Zaandam and Rotterdam for arrival in Port Everglades, and the cruise line expects its 'fit-for-travel' guests to be off the ship by Friday night

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2 stranded Holland America cruise ships are set to dock in Florida after 233 passengers and workers are stricken with illness and 9 are confirmed for COVID-19

Trump calls for 2 stranded Holland America cruise ships to be able to dock as coronavirus fears grow in Florida

Passengers on Holland America's 2 stranded cruise ships, the Zaandam and Rotterdam, may be stuck at sea indefinitely as Florida officials fret over letting them dock

'My big fear is being carried off this ship in a box instead of walking off': An elderly veteran couple trapped aboard coronavirus-stricken cruise says US should help

Panama health authorities say Holland America cruise ship cannot pass through canal with cases of COVID-19 onboard

A cruise ship with 1,800 people is unable to dock at any local ports. Now 138 are sick, 4 are dead, and coronavirus cases are being confirmed on the stranded ship still at sea.

144 passengers and crew members have fallen ill aboard the stranded Holland America cruise so far, and a coronavirus test is still on the way