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SpaceX's NASA contract has sparked reaction from industry figures seeking details. Blue Origin says it is 'looking to learn more about the selection.'

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An AI-powered version of Albert Einstein has joined UneeQ's growing lineup of 'digital humans'

Amazon has cancelled its 'Lord of the Rings' multiplayer video game

A fight over Trump's SALT tax cap is threatening to derail Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan

ADP has developed a workforce-diversity tool that lets you compare your company's progress with others

NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter will attempt to fly again on Monday, following several delays

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The Coinbase IPO is a watershed moment for the industry that will suck in big-name investors, says Crypto.com CEO

Embattled Chinese billionaire Jack Ma may divest his Ant Group stake and give up control, reports say

Twitter is partly down, with some users saying they're unable to log into the site

Elon Musk's brother Kimbal Musk, typically a Democrat donor, gave $2,800 to each GOP lawmaker who voted to impeach Trump

United Airlines hit with lawsuit from two passengers after a Boeing 777 engine caught fire mid-air

The 10 GOP lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump have already received $6.4 million in donations this year - far more than their 2022 midterm opponents

GameStop investor 'Roaring Kitty' doubled his stake to $31 million worth of shares in his final portfolio update

Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham's fund sold GameStop stock before it soared, missing out on a potential $18 million windfall

Clubhouse is being valued at $4 billion in new fundraising round led by Andreessen Horowitz, reports say

Mike Lindell's social-media site Frank was supposed to launch for VIP access on Thursday night. It still hasn't.

This $50,000 attachment turns your Tesla Cybertruck into a campervan - and it even comes with a Starlink dish

Airbnb's CEO says the company will need millions more hosts to deal with a post-pandemic travel boom 'unlike anything we've ever seen'