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Tagged With Uber

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The former nanny for Anthony Levandowski, the fired Uber engineer at the center of a trade secrets lawsuit, said he talked about 'fleeing to Canada' to avoid potential prison time

Uber reportedly disrupted government investigations for almost 2 years with a 'secret' system called 'Ripley'

Affluent North Koreans are using Uber-like taxis on demand

Benchmark sold off $900 million of its Uber stock but wanted to sell more

Ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is reportedly planning to sell a $1.4 billion stake in the company

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Malicious Android software imitates Uber's layout to trick you into giving up your login details

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SoftBank's big, discounted Uber deal is going through -- and it's going to invest another $1.25 billion on top of that

Uber is about to limit Travis Kalanick's power in a major way, and he's OK with that

SoftBank and its partners are primed to buy around 20% of Uber shares at a huge discount from its previous $69 billion valuation

Uber had the biggest car story of the year -- but for all the wrong reasons

Uber has found a buyer, and a partner, for its auto-leasing business that was losing more money than expected

Uber's food-delivery company is outgrowing the taxi business in some cities