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Twitter is ramping up account security measures for high-profile US politicians and media to prevent hacking ahead of 2020 elections

Federal agents are investigating another teen suspect in connection with the massive Twitter hack that compromised accounts belonging to Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, and others

A 17-year-old in Tampa, Florida, has been arrested in connection with the massive Twitter hack that hijacked dozens of high-profile accounts

Hackers rang up Twitter employees and tricked them into handing over credentials

An EU bank tweeted out the N-word after a hacker took over its account, weeks after Twitter's giant hack

Elon Musk personally called Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after realising his account had been hacked

New details emerge in the Twitter hack that took over more than 100 accounts last week, including those of Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Elon Musk

Coinbase, one of the Bitcoin Twitter accounts compromised last week, said it blocked $278,000 from being transferred to the attackers

Culprits behind the Twitter hack that ground the site to a halt may include a 21-year-old British man, new evidence shows

Trump's Twitter account was reportedly unaffected by Wednesday's massive hack because Twitter has given it 'extra protection'

Twitter says 130 accounts were affected in the giant hack that wiped $1.3 billion off its market value

A hacker forum obsessed with super-short 'OG' handles was selling Twitter account access for $3,000 days before the giant hack

A prominent senator is calling out Twitter following its massive hack for not encrypting DMs — despite Jack Dorsey telling him the company was looking into it nearly two years ago

Lawmakers are demanding answers from Twitter about the massive hack that took over accounts including Kim Kardashian and Bill Gates

The unprecedented Twitter hack that targeted Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and others may be part of a larger, more ominous attack, experts say

Gov. Cuomo says New York will launch a 'full investigation' into the Twitter hack that compromised accounts belonging to Obama, Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates, and more

A Twitter employee reportedly gave hackers access to an internal tool that allowed them to take control of the accounts of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Bill Gates

The Twitter hack shows Americans still want billionaires to come to the rescue — and we need to realise they never will

Twitter says 'social engineering' led to the massive hack that targeted high-profile accounts like Barack Obama and Jeff Bezos. Here's what the technique involves and how to avoid it.