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Tagged With Republican

Roy Moore's wife rails against The Washington Post and says her husband won't step aside from Senate race in impassioned defence

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Trump attacks the Obama-Russia uranium deal, calling it 'modern-day Watergate'

Retiring GOP Sen. Jeff Flake says more of his colleagues will begin to speak out against Trump

Anti-Trump GOP Sen. Jeff Flake will not seek reelection, saying it would require him to condone behaviour that he cannot condone

A Republican senator brought popcorn to a meeting with Trump and Corker after the pair's explosive morning feud

Bob Corker unloads on Trump in CNN interview, saying he'll be remembered most for 'the debasement of our nation'

First-time Democratic congressional candidates are 'printing money' for 2018 races -- and Republicans are getting worried

Steve Bannon is orchestrating a 'bloody civil war' in the GOP in 2018

Trump reportedly thought Bob Corker was too short to be secretary of state