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Amazon is recalling about 377,000 space heaters that can get too hot and cause fires

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Consumers claimed that a defect in a popular stroller led to crashes, broken bones, and gashed faces — but Trump's CPSC reportedly refused to pursue a recall

Tyson is recalling 69,000 pounds of chicken strips after customers complained they contained metal

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General Mills is recalling Gold Medal flour that may have been contaminated with salmonella

More than 11,000 pounds of sausage are being recalled after people complained about finding metal in their meat

More than 160,000 pounds of turkey are being recalled after a salmonella outbreak sickens over 200 people

RxBars are being recalled from Trader Joe's after customers with peanut allergies alerted the protein bar maker that products could contain undeclared nuts

Del Monte is recalling canned corn in 25 states and 12 other countries, warning consumption could cause 'life-threatening illness'

Some Kotex tampons are being recalled after customers reported that pieces were being left behind in their body

Infant ibuprofen recall expanded to include 3 additional lots sold under CVS and Walmart brands

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Vanilla Almond Breeze is being recalled because the almond milk may contain actual milk

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Ritz is recalling certain crackers and Ritz Bits over salmonella fears