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Police arrest 36-year-old nurse in sexual-assault case of cognitively impaired woman at US care facility

The cognitively impaired woman who gave birth at an Arizona care facility is more cognisant than previously reported, her family's attorney reveals

A doctor who cared for a woman who gave birth after a suspected rape at an Arizona care center has been suspended, and another has resigned

Police are investigating a second assault accusation at the Arizona care facility where a woman gave birth while in a vegetative state

Police to take DNA from every male carer who had access to the woman who gave birth after 14 years in a vegetative state

Former caregiver of the nursing home patient who gave birth while in a vegetative state says she never could have given consent, and an ex-manager claims the company covered up another sexually inappropriate incident

Investigators are reportedly looking into whether the woman who gave birth in a vegetative state was assaulted multiple times and may have to get warrants for staffers' DNA

An Arizona nursing home CEO resigned after a woman in a vegetative state for 14 years gave birth