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Twitter is investigating after anecdotal data suggested its picture-cropping tool favours white faces

Property tech companies are helping landlords spy on residents, collect their data, and even evict them. Critics are calling it an invasion of privacy that could reinforce inequality.

Facebook and Instagram are creating teams to study bias on their platforms as they face increased pressure to address racial disparities

A Black man in Detroit was arrested and detained for 30 hours after being falsely identified by facial recognition

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42% of US employees have experienced or seen racism at work. It's the latest example of how diversity efforts are falling short, especially in America.

A black attorney says he was detained in court because a deputy thought he was a suspect just pretending to be a lawyer

Coast Guard Academy retaliated against a whistleblower who complained of racial bias

A white woman called the police on a black child she wrongly accused of sexual assault. After being confronted with video footage, she apologised.

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