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David Dinkins, New York City's first and only Black mayor, has died at the age of 93

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at the age of 87

A Baltimore woman's coronavirus test took so long that by the time she received the results, she was already in the hospital

Sumner Redstone, the media mogul who built the ViacomCBS empire, is dead at 97

An impassioned obituary for a 79-year-old coronavirus victim blames Trump for his death, then calls out Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and people who refused to wear masks

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has died after being hospitalized with the coronavirus

After an Arizona man died from COVID-19, his family blamed the 'carelessness of politicians' in his obituary

Larry Kramer, who pushed the world to respond to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, has died of pneumonia at 84

Trader Joe's founder Joe Coulombe — the man who gave young, college-educated professionals healthy foods they could afford — dies at age 89

B. Smith, influential model, TV host, and restaurateur died at 70 after battle with early onset Alzheimer's disease

Kirk Douglas, Oscar-nominated 'Spartacus' actor, dead at 103

Monty Python founding member Terry Jones dead at 77

Paul Volcker, the towering former Fed chairman and economist, has died at age 92

One of the photographers behind the iconic Tiananmen Square image has died. He once said he wrapped the film up and stashed it in the toilet to hide it from Chinese security.

T. Boone Pickens, the 'Oracle of Oil,' Republican donor, and billionaire philanthropist, dies at 91

The life of the late, iconic Toni Morrison, the first African American female author to win a Nobel Prize

Socialite fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt has died at the age of 95

A Kentucky newspaper apologised for rejecting a woman's obituary that said Trump 'hastened' her death

Former President George H.W. Bush dies at age 94

Stan Lee, Marvel legend, dead at 95