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The Super Bowl will have 30,000 cardboard fans to help the game look full and keep real fans socially distant

The NFL allowed a small change to ref uniforms and now Sarah Thomas can wear a ponytail in the Super Bowl

Tom Brady is so obsessed with perfection that he can't sleep if he makes a mistake in a game

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A signed Patrick Mahomes rookie card sold for $860,000, breaking Tom Brady's record

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The NFL world blasted the officials for a controversial holding call that they had otherwise avoided all game

Aaron Rodgers says the viral video of him laughing during a playoff game came when a Rams player said they weren't 'falling for his bulls---'

Sarah Thomas is set to become the first woman to officiate a Super Bowl game

Tom Brady helped a Bucs player get over his Pro Bowl snub by telling him they had a 'bigger bowl' to chase

The Ravens playoff hopes were crushed in 53 seconds after Lamar Jackson threw a pick-6, then suffered a concussion