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Houston's Harris County is looking into leaving the Texas power grid after recent widespread power failures

India's richest family is planning to build the world's largest zoo, and the 280-acre project has already sparked a protest by animal activists

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he's losing $65 million over election-fraud claims and it proves he's not pushing conspiracy theories for the money

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said letting Trump 'define' the future of the Republican party will 'just further divide our country'

An Oath Keepers leader arrested for participating in the Capitol riot said she met with Secret Service and was providing 'security' to legislators and other key figures

An Arkansas man stormed the Capitol waving the US flag and used its pole to beat a police officer, said a federal grand jury. He faces up to 40 years in prison.

Pro-golfer Michelle Wie roasts Rudy Giuliani after he shared a crude 'panties' story about her on Steve Bannon's podcast

At least two lawsuits filed against Texas' energy committee claim it was aware of shortcomings in the state's energy supply from previous winter storms

A far-right UCLA student who live-streamed the Capitol siege was slapped with federal charges for his role in the insurrection

Conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh has died at age 70

A hacker claims to have breached a law firm used by Trump and dumped legal files on the dark web, report says

Blame the wind? In Texas, fossil fuels have actually played a larger role in leaving millions without power

The NAACP is suing Trump, Giuliani, and 2 extremist groups for inciting the violent Capitol riot

China arrested a scammer whose gang made $3 million from selling water as COVID-19 vaccine shots

Nancy Pelosi says she'll create a '9/11-type' commission to investigate the Capitol insurrection

Authorities found human remains inside a 13-foot crocodile while searching for a missing fisherman

'We needed more senators with spines': Impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett defends decision not to call witnesses during trial

CDC Director reiterates agency's view that teacher vaccinations aren't a 'prerequisite for reopening schools'

Wuhan's COVID-19 outbreak probably 500% bigger than first thought, WHO team tells CNN

American Express is cooperating with a federal probe into its sales practices for small business and consumer cards