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A$AP Rocky was found guilty of assault by a Swedish court, but doesn't have to go to prison

Police find body of disabled 15-year-old girl who went missing in the Malaysian jungle

After Jeffrey Epstein's sudden death, accusers' attorney calls for criminal charges against his accomplices

'I could feel the hot blood': A Canadian mountain biker survived a grizzly bear attack by stabbing it in the neck with a pocket knife

This map shows the extreme journey 2 teen murder suspects took across 4,000 miles of Canada before their bodies were found by a river

Ivanka Trump condemns white supremacy as 'an evil that must be destroyed' after mass shootings rock the US, while President Trump blames mental illness

Saudi Arabia's reforms to allow some women to travel without men's permission will do nothing to help many of the vulnerable people trapped in the kingdom

The 2 Canadian teen fugitives were searched at an alcohol checkpoint the day they were charged with murder, but authorities let them go

A man was fined $123,000 for renting out his central London apartment to tourists on Airbnb

2 teen Canadian murder suspects were reportedly seen foraging for food in a garbage dump 50 miles from where they were last spotted

2 teen Canadian murder suspects are still on the run, and may have tricked someone into helping them escape the wilderness town where police thought they were cornered

4 teens charged with hate crime over attack on London bus which left same-sex couple bleeding after refusing to kiss for strangers' entertainment

2 Canadian teens wanted in an apparent killing spree spanning thousands of miles will likely die in a gun battle with police, one of their dads said

An amateur treasure hunter dropped a magnet into a pond to see what he could find, and pulled out a loaded Uzi

A man who was missing for 10 years was found dead behind industrial freezers in the grocery store where he used to work

Europe is bracing for another blistering heat wave, less than a month after record-breaking temperatures scorched the continent

A string of sushi restaurant fires were caused by spontaneously combusting tempura flakes

A woman whose car was stolen spent 2 days tracking it down using GPS and fraudulent credit-card purchases before finding it and taking it back

'I was just powerless': A Paris firefighter shared her harrowing account of what it was like inside Notre Dame as they battled the devastating inferno that gutted the famous cathedral

A US citizen lost a bitter custody battle with her Saudi ex-husband over their 4-year-old daughter, exposing the harsh realities of the kingdom's legal system