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A Florida man has been arrested over claims he spat on a child's face and told him: 'You now have coronavirus'

Portland's Black police chief says violent protesters have 'taken away from' the Black Lives Matter movement

A woman at a bachelorette party allegedly coughed on a Nashville restaurant server after they were told they couldn't move their tables together because of COVID-19 measures

3 people shot, with 2 in critical condition, at luxury Los Angeles mansion

New bodycam footage of George Floyd's arrest shows police pointing a gun at his face as he begs them not to shoot

Dozens of ex-employees say 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' was rife with sexual misconduct, according to report

Newly unveiled emails between Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell shows how the 2 worked together to discredit his accusers

Portland has become the focal point of Black Lives Matter protests in America, but it has a tortured history when it comes to race

Detained Portland protesters have to promise to stop going to rallies if they want to get out of jail, reports say

A Black videographer got stabbed at the Portland protests, and he says it is because he is pro-Trump

A Portland police officer says the nightly protests are keeping him from responding to serious crimes, and says Trump's federal agents have only made the crisis worse

Minneapolis residents are forming armed neighbourhood watches as shootings triple after George Floyd's death

Portland protests reached their 60th night with one injured in a nearby shooting

Prince Harry fell out with Prince William 'for being a snob' towards Meghan Markle and a senior royal dubbed her a 'showgirl,' new book claims

The body of professional poker player Susie 'Q' Zhao has been found charred in a Michigan park

Video shows a woman threatening to shoot a bystander who confronted her for not wearing a face mask in a grocery store

A coronavirus cluster in New Jersey has been traced to a high school house party, and the teens and their parents are refusing to cooperate with contact tracers, officials say

5 Seattle media outlets have to hand over their unpublished photos from a George Floyd protest to help police investigate suspected crimes, judge rules

Video shows a Black man telling Portland protesters trying to tear down a courthouse fence: 'None of you guys represent Black lives'

Hours after the St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters were given felony charges, Missouri's attorney general said he's joining the case to get their charges dismissed