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An F-16 fighter pilot is stuck dangling from a live electricity line after a crash in France

Trump reportedly praised the clean-cut look of his new national security adviser after complaining about his predecessor John Bolton's bushy mustache

Burger King stopped giving away free plastic toys in its UK branches after a campaign from sisters aged 7 and 9

India is replaying Trump's favourite strategy by accusing the media of fake news in Kashmir, where it cut off the internet and tried to silence journalists

The US Navy has finally confirmed that mysterious videos showing pilots spotting UFOs are genuine after years of speculation

Saudi Arabia appears to have been powerless to stop the oil-field attack because of its antiquated air defences and internal dysfunction

An Australian hiker crawled 'inch-by-inch' for 2 days through the wilderness to safety after he fell down a waterfall and his leg 'snapped in half'

Saudi Arabia says the oil facility hit by drones and missiles will be fully functional again in 12 days

South Korea kicked up its trade war with Japan by making it 3 times as hard for companies to export goods there

Some Russians don't believe assurances that an explosion at a disease research lab didn't release any hazardous material

Trump says he has 'a lot of options' to punish Iran if it was behind the Saudi oil attacks. He doesn't.

Trump asked a supporter at a rally in New Mexico who he loved more: 'The country or the Hispanics?'

A flight from Vietnam to South Korea was delayed for 11 hours after the pilot arrived at the airport and realised he had lost his passport

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is the 3rd Trump administration member linked to Jeffrey Epstein or his circle

If US claims of how the Saudi oil attack went down are true, then the failure to prevent it is a huge embarrassment

Saudi Arabia reportedly considers the drone attack on its oil industry, which killed no one, to be 'their 9/11'

A gas explosion ripped through a Russian lab storing deadly diseases like smallpox, anthrax, and Ebola

A flight in India was delayed when a swarm of angry bees covered the cockpit window and attacked staff who tried to remove them

Tulsi Gabbard says Trump is making the US 'Saudi Arabia's b----' with his response to the oil-field attacks

Trump dubiously takes credit for US energy independence from Saudi Arabia, as oil prices spike after drone attack