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Tagged With Law

Rupert Murdoch calls allegations of sexual misconduct at Fox News 'largely political'

The FCC net neutrality hearing was briefly evacuated so police dogs could search the room 'on advice of security'

The NYC subway bombing suspect made his first court appearance from his hospital bed

Salma Hayek shares harrowing story of Harvey Weinstein's behaviour after she rejected him sexually: 'I will kill you, don't think I can't'

Here's how a recount would work if Roy Moore refuses to concede the Alabama Senate election

A Roy Moore campaign spokesman appeared to be speechless when a CNN host said elected officials don't have to be sworn in on the Christian Bible

Conservatives are up in arms about 'chain migration', how they say the NYC bombing suspect entered the US -- here's how it works

Larry King 'unequivocally' denies groping allegation

NYC bombing suspect wrote on Facebook: 'Trump, you failed to protect your nation'

'He held onto my hand, and he kept kissing me': 3 women accusing Trump of sexual harassment speak out in harrowing interview

7 questions you should never be asked in a job interview

'A weapon of desperation': Trump loyalists are doubling down on a familiar strategy as the Russia probe reaches a boiling point

California assemblyman resigns after a lobbyist accuses him of masturbating in front of her in a bathroom

Former clerks accuse Reagan-appointed appeals court judge of sexual misconduct

Judges grilled the Trump administration on Trump's anti-Muslim retweets in arguments over his travel ban

'Morning Joe' host Mika Brzezinski questions the #MeToo movement: Do 'all women need to be believed?'

Justice Department interns confronted Jeff Sessions over police brutality, gun control, and marijuana

The 'space kingdom' Asgardia says it's the first nation with all of its territory in orbit -- but legal experts are dubious

Donald Trump Jr.'s attorney-client privilege claim probably won't work, legal experts say

Woody Allen's daughter calls out Kate Winslet and Blake Lively for working with him and ducking sexual-assault questions: 'It breaks my heart'