The Labor Shortage

<ul class="summary-list"> <li>Geriatric millennials <a href="">have the most power</a> in the workforce right now</li> <li><a href="">Employers say 'ghosting coasting'</a> is a growing problem, but workers have their reasons for quietly walking away from a job</li> <li>Childcare centers say <a href="">staff are leaving them in droves</a> for better wages, including for $15-an-hour roles at Walmart</li> <li><a href="">What to say</a> when someone tells you 'people don't want to work right now'</li> <li>How the simple phrase '<a href="">the customer is always right</a>' gave shoppers a license to abuse workers</li> </ul><section><p> </p></section><section></section><div class="read-original">Read the original article on <a href="">Business Insider</a></div>