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Department of Justice says New York City, Seattle, and Portland permit anarchy and violence

Attorney General Barr told federal prosecutors to be aggressive when prosecuting violence at protests and even suggested sedition charges

A billionaire who vowed to pay off student loans for an entire college graduating class is said to be facing a criminal tax probe

A former CIA agent has been accused of selling US secrets to China then accidentally confessing to the FBI

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Manhattan US attorney says he has 'no intention' of resigning after AG Barr tried to force him out, adds that investigations will continue 'without fear or favour'

The Justice Department wants to weaken protections for internet companies like Facebook and Twitter, which have drawn Trump's ire

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Minneapolis mayor receives assistance from the National Guard as protests over George Floyd's death turn deadly and buildings go up in flames

Barr says he doesn't expect Obama and Biden to be investigated as part of the DOJ's internal investigation into the origins of the Russia probe