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Tagged With Environment

A 20-foot-long sinkhole ripped open a busy Manhattan street

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Hot rock under Antarctica may be melting some of its ice sheets from the bottom-up

One of the EPA's newest science experts thinks 'modern air' is too clean to breathe

Much of the US could see a warmer-than-average winter season -- here's the forecast for your region

The US is now the only country in the world not on board with the Paris agreement

A new Trump administration report finds 'no convincing alternative explanation' for climate change

5 idiot-proof houseplants that can live for weeks without water

'It was the stuff of nightmares': Thousands of bluebottles wash ashore in New South Wales

An 87-year-old scientist may have just unlocked the secret to growing rice in saltwater

The oceans are coming for the world's cities -- and we aren't ready, according to a new book

Octopuses are slithering out of the water onto beaches in Wales, and locals say they have 'never seen anything like it'

Tony Robbins hits these special golf balls into the ocean that dissolve into fish food