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A veteran DOJ prosecutor has resigned amid reported concerns that Attorney General Barr is trying to force the release of a politically charged report ahead of the election

The Justice Department is reportedly preparing to file antitrust charges against Google

A former FBI lawyer who worked on the Russia investigation will reportedly plead guilty to making false statements

A 17-year-old in Tampa, Florida, has been arrested in connection with the massive Twitter hack that hijacked dozens of high-profile accounts

A Utah man who claimed products made of silver can cure COVID-19 has been charged with posing as a doctor

Trump campaign 'disguised' and laundered nearly $170 million worth of spending, watchdog group alleges in a new federal complaint

The DOJ's watchdog has opened an investigation into the 'use of force' by unmarked federal agents patrolling the streets of Portland

A House Judiciary Committee hearing on Barr and the DOJ devolved into a partisan screaming match

Trump said he was 'not involved' in US attorney Geoffrey Berman's ouster, potentially throwing a wrench into AG Barr's attempt to get rid of Berman

AG Barr says Trump has fired Manhattan US attorney Geoffrey Berman after he refused to step down

Manhattan US attorney says he has 'no intention' of resigning after AG Barr tried to force him out, adds that investigations will continue 'without fear or favour'

Amazon faces multiple US antitrust probes as the coronavirus cements its dominance in online retail

Former federal judge appointed to review the Michael Flynn case determines the DOJ 'engaged in highly irregular conduct to benefit a political ally of the President'

The GOP's claim that antifa is infiltrating George Floyd protests is a right-wing 'bogeyman' that bears all the hallmarks of a domestic disinformation campaign

Chicken producer stocks fall on DOJ price-fixing indictments, while food distributor stocks pop

The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the killing of George Floyd

Attorney General William Barr has tapped an outside prosecutor to investigate allegations of 'unmasking' related to the Russia probe

The DOJ is closing its insider trading inquiries into 3 senators but is still investigating GOP Sen. Richard Burr