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Tagged With Democrats

'I was amazed': Democrats scramble after Al Franken is accused of sexual misconduct

Democrats are reckoning with the sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton in light of the #MeToo movement

'We are concerned': Democratic senators hit Trump at a rare senate hearing on nuclear weapons authority

DC Democrats are trying not to get too involved in flipping Alabama from red to blue  -- and it might be their best strategy yet

Democrats still need a strategy for left-behind areas -- here's how tech can help

Jury deadlocked in trial over whether NJ Sen. Bob Menendez took $1 million in illegal gifts

We just got our clearest sign yet that the 2018 elections could be a Democratic 'tsunami' --  but there's a catch

Republicans are worried about 2018 after the Democrats' Election Day massacre this week

Former TV anchor Chris Hurst, whose girlfriend was killed on-air, beat an incumbent Republican in rural Virginia

Democrats just picked up their biggest gains in the Virginia House since the 1800s as part of a complete annihilation

'This is a tidal wave': Democrats blow Republicans out of the water in key bellwether battleground

Virginia will elect a new governor on Tuesday -- here come the results

Democrats are rolling out an old and flimsy argument against tax cuts

Democrats are split on whether to support Trump-bashing senators

Trump called a billionaire Democratic activist pushing for his impeachment 'wacky & totally unhinged'

First-time Democratic congressional candidates are 'printing money' for 2018 races -- and Republicans are getting worried

There's about to be a Democratic civil war in California

Harvey Weinstein became a major player in Democratic politics -- here's the wide net of people he has given money to

Attorney Lisa Bloom says of working with Harvey Weinstein: I've always wanted to 'get on the other side and smack that guy around a little bit, verbally'

The DNC is giving portions of Harvey Weinstein's donations to pro-Democratic groups