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A lawyer for the Ukrainian orphan accused of being an adult posing as a child says her ex-mum is wrong about her age

A couple allegedly spent $120,000 that was mistakenly deposited into their bank account

A Mormon leader secretly filmed woman getting changed in an H&M fitting room, police say

A man invited a woman over for a late-night hookup. When he stopped responding to her texts, she set his house on fire, police say.

A Brazilian gang leader tried to escape prison disguised as his 19-year-old daughter

At least 2 shot and wounded in a shooting at a Northern California mall, according to reports

A man has been arrested and charged with murder in the case of missing University of Utah student MacKenzie Lueck

A man says he'll surrender to police if his wanted poster gets 15,000 likes on Facebook

German police are looking for a man they say test-drove a rare vintage Ferrari worth $2.2 million and never came back

A travelling carnival worker allegedly killed three females, including a teenager, according to police

Yoga studio owners accused Dennis Rodman of stealing a 400-pound amethyst crystal

A Massachusetts man is accused of attacking hikers on the Appalachian trail with a machete

A Penn State assistant professor is accused of holding two women against their will while working as an Uber driver

Police in Ohio say a viral Facebook post about a man impersonating country star Travis Tritt is a hoax

A great-grandmother was arrested at Disney World after police said they found CBD oil in her purse

A 21-year-old who had cancer as a teen is accused of faking having the disease again to steal fundraising donations

A woman found out her ex-boyfriend had secretly been living in her attic for weeks and creeping around her house

A 17-year-old girl saved a man from a locked trunk after hearing him shout for help while she was walking her dog

An Olive Garden waitress wrote a Facebook post about serving a baby covered in 'black and blue' bruises. The baby's parents were later arrested.

After backlash, a teachers' conference canceled an appearance from a man who was convicted of killing a sex worker