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Man, 41, had no teeth and could barely speak after his mother locked him in their suburban apartment for 28 years, say reports

Interpol warns that organised crime groups will likely try to steal 'liquid gold' COVID vaccines as well as peddle fake doses

Felicity Huffman is returning to acting a year and a half after being charged in the college admissions scandal

A man fatally shot a Black teenager in a hotel parking lot after confronting him over his loud music, Oregon police say

A 55-year-old man was accused of writing alarming emails to pastor of a Texas church about harming Democrats and setting priests on fire

Police arrested a 41-year-old man in Nebraska accused of chasing a Black woman while holding a chainsaw

Ghislaine Maxwell is in quarantine after a jail staffer tested positive for COVID-19

A 28-year-old man who was linked to Breonna Taylor's case was fatally shot, local report says

Police arrest teenager in connection to Mayfair Mall shooting in Wisconsin

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager charged with shooting 3 protesters in Kenosha, has posted $2 million bail and is no longer in custody

An inmate who helped fight California's wildfires is now facing deportation

A Washington man was arrested in the middle of his interview for a state police job after his polygraph flagged concerns about criminal activity

A woman believed to be a QAnon follower was charged with killing a legal theorist trying to help her regain custody of her daughters

A wealthy businessman was charged with bribery over alleged payments of $1.5 million to get his sons into Harvard

A Florida man says he was 'trying to toughen' up an 8-year-old by bringing him along on a crime spree

The longest-serving prisoner for marijuana offences in the US who has spent 32 years in a Florida prison set to be freed

Workers at Montreal-based video-game studio Ubisoft were forced to flee to the roof in a potential hostage situation that turned out to be a hoax

The Wolverine Watchmen plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer also included a plan to burn down the state Capitol building, officials say

A California snowplow driver discovered 2 dead bodies on the side of a highway

The Cuban-American leader of the Proud Boys has said the group isn't explicitly for white supremacists, but a previously ousted underling tried to stage an unhinged, anti-Semitic, racist coup