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More than $80,000 has been raised as a college fund for a New York City high school student who lost both his parents to COVID-19 exactly a month apart

A California man spent over 2 months in a hospital with a coronavirus infection and returned home with most of his fingers gone

Teacher unions across the US say they're 'extremely fearful' about in-person classes and demand states take more measures to keep them safe

Nearly 2 dozen lifeguards in New Jersey test positive for coronavirus after hosting social gatherings

A Texas man died from coronavirus after his granddaughter spread infection to him from attending a party

A musician who felt the US was unsafe went to South Korea. He posted about his 2-week mandatory quarantine on TikTok, but wouldn't encourage others to leave.

13 nuns from the same convent in Michigan have died from COVID-19 complications

A Kentucky couple refused to sign self-quarantine papers after testing positive for coronavirus. Now they have to wear ankle monitors.

A coronavirus-shuttered jewellery store buried its remaining inventory across Michigan to launch a statewide treasure hunt

Florida's health department said a computer 'error' made it say a third of children taking the coronavirus test were positive

Rates of 'broken heart syndrome' are way up during the coronavirus pandemic, a study found

My entire family's gone to the Jersey Shore for the last 24 years. This year we almost had to cancel, but we found a way to keep each other safe.

A Missouri school district is requiring parents of student-athletes to sign liability waivers in case their kids get COVID-19