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74% of Americans believe smartphone addiction is a problem that should be solved by consumers — not tech companies or the government

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Immigrants founded and co-founded half of all the billion-dollar startups in 2016, creating over 33,000 jobs

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Tesla added twice as many employees in 2018 as it now plans to cut

Americans spent a record $36 billion on video games last year, and demographics show that number is expected to go up in 2018

The iPhone X was the most popular smartphone in the world in the first quarter of 2018, according to estimates

Microsoft is trying to become the 'Netflix of Gaming,' putting it on the path to $1 trillion

Gaming tournaments now offer prize pools comparable to some of the most established traditional sporting events

A third of software downloaded on the world's PCs is unlicensed, and it's costing the industry $46 billion

iOS 12 will be particularly friendly to older iPhones -- but this hasn't always been the case with Apple's mobile operating system

Delta says it's already feeling the pain of rising oil prices

The number of electric cars on the road has more than doubled over the last three years

Investors have $11 billion riding against Tesla as its annual meeting kicks off

YouTube has replaced Facebook as the most widely used social media platform among teens

Half of the teens who think social media has a negative effect on people say it's because of bullying, rumours, or harmed relationships