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Ahmaud Arbery's mother reflects on her son's death one year after he was killed while jogging

The Black Lives Matter movement received a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for 'raising global awareness and consciousness'

A North Carolina town refused to remove Black Lives Matter flags from an early voting site after some complained of 'voter intimidation'

A judge has dismissed a 3rd degree murder charge against former Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd

A Maryland man who was posting a BLM sign at his home allegedly shot at his pro-Trump neighbours as they were passing by and honking at him, police said

A poll worker in Memphis was fired after turning away voters who were wearing Black Lives Matter shirts

California woman arrested for driving into protesters at a Black Lives Matter event, sheriff's department says

An Atlanta-based activist 'posing' as a Black Lives Matter leader is facing federal charges for misusing $200,000 worth of donations, FBI says

2 Black Lives Matter demonstrators are facing life in prison. Experts say the 'deeply disturbing' potential sentences are an 'unprecedented' form of government overreach.

A grand jury has declined to charge 2 of the 3 Louisville police officers involved in Breonna Taylor's death

A Black man was stopped by sheriff's deputies while jogging in a predominately white neighbourhood. The sheriff later asked him to teach deputies about biases.

An LA deputy who fatally shot a teen in June is accused of hoping to join a sheriff's 'gang' with matching tattoos that is said to celebrate killing people

The right-wing group Patriot Prayer, associated with a man killed in the Portland protests, has a history of provoking left-wing groups: 'This was just a matter of time'

An LA teacher said she and her daughter had to flee their home after she received threats for wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt to class

A teen activist in New Jersey received a $2,500 bill to pay for police presence at a Black Lives Matter protest she organised

Kenosha sheriff took heat in 2018 after a no-mercy rant about a group of shoplifters who were Black: 'We need to build warehouses to put these people into it and lock them away the rest of their lives.'

A white man shot at a group of Black Lives Matter activists on a 730-mile march from Wisconsin to DC. One protester was hospitalized and demonstrators refused to leave him behind.

A botched police raid left a Chicago woman and her 4-year-old granddaughter traumatized. After Breonna Taylor's death, she wonders if she'll see justice.

Critics say Portland protests have been co-opted by 'white spectacle,' but Black activists say they're staying focused on Black lives

There's been a huge spike in Democratic voter registration in the epicentre of Black Lives Matter protests