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Hundreds of people in Columbus, Ohio, marched in protest of the police killing of Casey Goodson

English soccer fans jeered players who took a knee in support of Black Lives Matter at the first match with supporters since pandemic

Controversial Kyle Rittenhouse attorney withdraws from homicide case. A second lawyer for the anti-BLM shooter has also quit.

Kyle Rittenhouse's mum says her son was 'helping' businesses and 'protesters should not have been there'

Tensions between left and right-wing protesters in Vancouver, Washington, after a Black man was shot dead by police officers in a drugs bust

The NYPD planned a deliberate attack on Black Lives Matter protesters in June, human rights report says

Details of how the grand jury didn't indict any officers for Breonna Taylor's death are being made public after a juror broke ranks and attacked the Kentucky AG

A Seattle cop is under investigation after video shows him rolling his bike over a protester's head

Photos show angry protests in Louisville after no police were indicted for killing Breonna Taylor

Black Lives Matter protesters caught on video smashing up a restaurant and ordering diners to leave as unrest continues in Rochester for fourth night

Daniel Prude's family called the police to help with his mental health crisis: 'I didn't call them to come help my brother die'

John Boyega says his 'Star Wars' character was 'pushed to the side' by Disney while Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley were given 'all the nuance'

Kenosha sheriff took heat in 2018 after a no-mercy rant about a group of shoplifters who were Black: 'We need to build warehouses to put these people into it and lock them away the rest of their lives.'

Iowa State University forced a professor to change syllabus after threatening to kick students out of class if they participate in racism, sexism, or homophobia

A Black Lives Matter mural is set to be removed in Tulsa after the city received a request for a pro-police painting

A woman accidentally injured 3 members of her armed militia in a shooting at a Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville

'Did you see me f--- up those motherf---ers?': Florida police officers, thinking they shut their body cameras off, deride protesters after shooting at them with rubber bullets

More than 100 armed police officers are clearing away Seattle's CHOP 'autonomous zone,' overturning toilets as they go

A Purdue student was expelled for racist remarks and posting a TikTok video pretending to run over Black Lives Matter protesters

Zach Braff: 'It's not enough' to say I have a Black best friend in Donald Faison