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The deadly Beirut explosion shattered 7,000 tons of glass — and one group is hiring people to collect it and turn it into traditional art

COVID-19 cases in Beirut are climbing after the devastating explosion there killed nearly 200 people and injured thousands

Lebanon is running out of food after the Beirut explosion wrecked its main port — leaving a bottleneck for supplies that may see the country go hungry

Russell Crowe donated $5,000 to save a Beirut restaurant beloved by Anthony Bourdain that was wrecked in the blast, saying 'he would have probably done so if he was still around'

The deadly explosion in Beirut highlights a danger potentially lurking in some of the world's ports

The Russian owner who abandoned the ship full of ammonium nitrate that caused the Beirut explosion has been questioned by police in Cyprus, reports say

Lebanese forces fired tear gas at protesters who set fires and vandalised stores in anger over Beirut's deadly explosion and the government mismanagement that caused it

Lebanon was already cash-strapped and on the brink. The Beirut explosion could shatter its residents.

The ship carrying the ammonium nitrate that blew up in Beirut was abandoned in 2014 by a Russian businessman, who has said nothing since the explosion

Lebanese officials unloaded a 'floating bomb' and apparently ignored warnings for years, according to reports

Lebanon was already in financial crisis before the explosion in Beirut — and now experts are predicting devastating consequences

The deadly explosion that devastated Beirut appears to have been far more powerful than the 'Mother of All Bombs'

Before-and-after images from space reveal the devastation in Beirut caused by 2,750 tons of exploding fertiliser

2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate was impounded in Beirut's port after it was seized from an abandoned ship in 2014, years before the explosion

I lived in four apartments within a kilometre of the explosion in Beirut yesterday. Two of them are now completely destroyed.

Aerial footage shows the full scale of Beirut's devastating explosion, which killed 100 and reduced buildings into rubble

The catastrophic explosion that ripped through Beirut may have helped push gold to a fresh record-high, analysts say

Lebanon's devastating blast came in the middle of an unprecedented economic crisis, frequent power outages, and hospitals struggling to contain the coronavirus

Hospitals in Beirut were so badly damaged by the explosion that many can't admit new patients

Trump says Beirut explosion 'looks like a terrible attack,' contradicting Lebanese officials who implied it was likely an accident