There Was A Crucial Vote In Spain — And Spanish And English Media Saw It Very Differently

The Spanish region of Catalonia had an election today, which was seen as a quasi-referendum on independence, which is an aspiration of many in the wealthy Spanish region.

The basic gist is that pro-separatist parties did well, but the main party, which had run on a platform of moving forth with a real independence referendum, did very poorly.

That subtlety is resulting in very different takes across media.

For example, Reuters declares that the separatists had a big day.


Photo: Reuters

FT declares that the region took a step towards independence, and that it’s a major blow to Rajoy.


Photo: FT

And WSJ declares that voters also strongly endorsed autonomy.


Photo: WSJ

Now compares that to big Spanish media. It’s instead focusing on how the election was a disaster for the main party, lead by Artur Mas, which lead votes.

Here’s El Pais.


Photo: El Pais

El Mundo also focuses on Artur Mas losing seats.


The website declare: Mas’s Challenge Fails, Spain Wins.



Note that it’s not just national media declaring it a Mas defeat.

Regional media is seeing it the similarly.

Here’s Catalan-based, declaring it a hard setback for Artur Mas.



Here’s another Catalan outlet, declaring a “stumble” for Mas.


Photo: ElPeriodico

So the world sees a strong showing for separatists overall, while Spanish media focuses on Mas’s specific setbacks.

Either way, it may be a while before the political ramifications totally shake out, and it’s unclear yet what this means for Spanish PM Rajoy, and whether he has the political capital to ask for a bailout.

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